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We can make a very special personalised Welcome Sparkles for you. All we need are a few details about the lucky recipient.

Optional Customization

Adding personal photos...

Here you can upload personal photos - or a picture of something to make them smile.

If you don't have anything to hand you can use our "Save and Resume Later" feature whilst you locate them.

If you don't upload photos, don't worry, our software will add photos for you.

If you don't add a back page image the first photo you added will also appear on the back page.

If you choose a photo, but then change your mind, simply click the 'choose file' button and add you preferred photo.

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Finally, this is information we need about you...

Save and Resume Later

We need to email you a link so you can retrive your Sparkle when you are ready to continue.Enter your email address in the box below and click 'send'.

The wording for job and proudest moment can be edited by clicking on the icon. To change dates, names or to choose different interest columns, press the Back button.


A lovely lady - , what a fantastic life you're having. You were born in . It was in the year of your birth that

Growing from baby to child you were full of fun. By you were a beautiful young girl of 10. That year,

At 21 you finally got the 'key to the door.' How did it feel to become an adult at last? Pretty good I hope. It was , the year

During your adult life you worked hard and did well as . You reached the age of 30 in . It was the year

, you are most proud of your . What a lot of joy and happy memories you have to treasure.

In you reached the splendid age of 40. was also the year

Your 50th birthday, the great half-century, came in . Was it party time? That was the year

This year you are . What a full life you've led. All those special memories of and , and . , what a wonder you are.


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