How can you make a new resident feel warmly welcomed into your home?

How can you reassure them and their loved ones that they will be seen and recognised as a unique individual? How can you provide your staff with an easily digestible way of learning some details about a new resident so they can give them a meaningful welcome?


The Welcome Sparkles have been created as the ideal answer to all these questions. Just follow the simple steps below and we’ll send you three beautiful presentation copies for the new resident and their family. We’ll also email you a PDF so you can print some copies for your care staff. It’s a very special way of welcoming a new resident.

You’re just 3 easy steps away from creating some amazing Welcome Sparkles…

Step 1

Enter just a few pieces of information

Step 2

Upload a couple of photos if you wish

Step 3

Add your own personal message

Celebrating Wonderful Lives…

Amazing personalised presentation newspapers for older people!

Welcome Sparkles

Birthday Sparkles

Resident of the Week

Mother's Day Sparkles

Father's Day Sparkles

Christmas Sparkles

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